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Drill Doctors and RiteDrill specialises in drill rig and related component repair and Updgrade

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As we manufacture in-house with stocks close to your mine we can deliver rapid response 24/7, reducing rig downtime!

Our product fault diagnosis reports include issue assessments and photos.

Component and drill upgrades are all completed in-house or on your site as required.


Rotary head locknut tools (SST) main bearing pre-load

At RiteDill/ DDA we offer special service tools (SST) used to adjust the pre-load of the Rotary Head Main Bearings.

Rotary Head Main Bearing pre-load must be checked and adjusted if necessary, every 500hr service interval.


Special Service Tools (SST)

Part Number: 431759-MOD

Tool, Drive, Input, Rotary Head

Part Number: 431759-Input

Tool, Drive, Input, Rotary Head

3/4in Square Drive Breaker Bar

3/4in Torque Wrench


The 431759-Mod Locknut Tool has protrusions that are specifically designed to engage the kidney slots in the Locknut with left-hand thread (P/N: 0407162)

The 431759-Input Input Drive Tool has a 13 Tooth SAE D Spline to engage the input shaft.

Both tools feature 3/4in the square drive for integration with standard tooling commonly available.

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Converting your FC4500 Dust Collector Unit on SKF (MD6290) Drill Rigs to a Deck-Mount Water Tank.

Item Number: 0742-120619

Deck-Mounted Water Tank increases the onboard water capacity of the Rotary Drill Rig by 1,500 litres.

This assembly kit includes items to assist in the conversion from using the FC4500 Dust Collectors for dust suppression to the second water tank for increased water capacity.

Our kit includes:

Deck Mounted Water Tank Assembly – Increases the water capacity of the machine.

Plumbing Kit – Includes fittings, hose & pipe to interface with the existing water tank.

Floor Grate – Covers the hole in the deck left by dust collector drop-outs.

DropBox Cover – Covers the hole in the deck left by the dust collector inlet hose.

Step Guard – Protects the electrical conduit running up to the tank in the walkway behind the tank.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 12.56.04 pm


The 6kW Air Conditioner unit is installed in addition to the existing 7kW Air Conditioner unit already fitted to the machine to increase the cooling capacity of the cabin to 13kW.

Ordering Information:
SKF Drills - Part Number: 0520-250918 
Air Conditioner Assembly.

SKS Drills - Part Number: 0536-151018
Air Conditioner Assembly.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 1.02.31 pm